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    A Robust Filtering Algorithm for Radar Target Tracking
    ZHANG Sipei, LIU Hongming, YU Ke, LUO Chen, YU Wen
    Air & Space Defense    2020, 3 (1): 73-79.  
    Abstract288)      PDF (5272KB)(136)      
    Tracking targets stably and precisely is the prior task of the accurate tracking radar. For the problem of instability of tracking filtering in the environment of nonGaussian noise and abnormal values caused by multitargets crossing, this paper starts from target tracking datas residual statistic property analysis, calculates the residual value by iterative ways, comes up with a method doing the trajectory filtering and controlling the target data correlation gate according to the residual value,and eliminates the abnormal values in real time. The simulation results show that the method is better than the compared one in terms of trajectory stability and precision with little computation increase.
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    Evaluation of Radar Anti-jamming Performance Based on AHP-Cloud Model
    ZHAO Zhijian, YU Ke, MA Yuehua, PAN Jun, YANG Gewen
    Air & Space Defense    2020, 3 (1): 65-72.  
    Abstract256)      PDF (4604KB)(82)      
    The results are multi-valued and unstable in the application of traditional subjective evaluation method in radar antijamming performance evaluation. To solve these problems, a radar anti-jamming performance evaluation method based on AHPcloud model is proposed by combining analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and cloud model method. The method takes the weight obtained by AHP as the input, through backward and forward cloud generator, to produce weight cloud of evaluation indexes. Finally the result cloud is obtained by multiplying with the five radar target values. The radar evaluation score and rank are obtained through cloud similarity measurement. The result of an example shows that the method is accurate and robust. 
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    A Track Association Algorithm of Radar and ESM Based on Type B Grey Correlation
    GU Yixiu, LI Jun, QIU Lingcun, CAO Zheng
    Air & Space Defense    2019, 2 (4): 46-50.  
    In order to solve the problem of the track association of radar and ESM at the same platform, this paper provides a track correlation algorithm based on type B grey correlation. First, the ESM data is smoothed based on GAM. Then, the temporal and space alignment of the radar and ESM data is achieved by coordinate transformation for the radar data. Finally, the type B grey correlation between the different track pairs of radar and ESM is figured out and the determination rules of track association are established to select,track association pairs. The simulation results show that proposed algorithm can accomplish the track association of radar and ESM effectively.
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