Publishing Ethics

  • SJTU Journal Center  and our editors are fully committed to ethical publication practice.

    We act in accordance with the principles outlined by the COPE and support the development, and practical application, of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community.

    You should only submit your research to us if the following conditions apply:

    • The research has been conducted with the highest standards of rigour and integrity.
    • The article/case study is original.
    • The work has not been submitted elsewhere and is not under consideration with any other publication. 
    • The work does not include libellous, defamatory or unlawful statements.
    • Permission has been cleared for any third-party material included.
    • Proof of consent has been obtained for any named individuals or organisations.
    • Authorship has been agreed prior to submission and no one has been ‘gifted’ authorship or denied credit as an author (ghost authorship).
    If your research is published and we find that any of these conditions have not been met, we may take action in line with the COPE guidelines, which may result in one of the following correction notices, or we may remove or retract the article from our database. For legal reasons, or when an article forms evidence in an independent hearing, we may not be able to take action until all matters have been fully resolved.

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