Call for Papers |Journal of Second Language Studies (JSLS)
    Pubdate: 2023-05-18
  • Special Issue on “Corpus linguistics and second language studies”

    1. Papers on Corpus Linguistics

    The co-editors of this special issue invite submissions of research papers addressing all aspects of corpus use in learning/teaching a second language (L2) and in helping understand second language development. The special issue is planned for publication in November 2024. It is well known that the past few decades have witnessed a significant increase in the use of corpora in second language learning/teaching and research. This special issue aims to publish studies that reflect the most recent developments in corpus use for enhancing and understanding L2 development and L2 learning and teaching. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, corpus use for:

    (1)learning/teaching of any L2 skills and knowledge;

    (2)understanding L2 development in any of the four skills and any aspect of L2 knowledge, including knowledge of lexis, grammar, phonology, and pragmatics;

    (3)assessing L2 proficiency;

    (4)identifying and correcting learner errors;

    (5)understanding and learning/teaching genre/register and discourse;

    (6)learning/teaching language for academic purposes or for other specific purposes.

    2. Book Reviews 

    The co-editors also welcome reviews of books on these and related topics published in 2022 or later.

    3. Other Requirements

    For research articles, interested authors should submit to any of the co-editors of this special issue an abstract of between 300 and 500 words that includes a description of the research question(s), methodology, and expected result as well as a short list of references.

    For book reviews, interested authors can email any of the co-editors about the book(s) they plan to review.

    The deadline for abstract submissions is July 31, 2023. Decisions regarding the abstracts will be emailed to authors by August 31, 2023. Full articles are due January 31, 2024, and will be sent out for anonymous review once received.

    Journal of Second Language Studies (JSLS) is an international refereed journal that is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchanges, advancing theoretical knowledge, and exploring pedagogical implications in second language acquisition and teaching. The journal particularly welcomes interdisciplinary research dealing with theoretical and practical issues of second language learning and acquisition in relation to linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and social cultural studies. It also seeks to promote scientific studies on the learning and teaching of Chinese as a second (foreign) language.


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