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Language Conversion and Knowledge Reconstruction in Latin Translation of Greek Literature

YANG Lijuan()   

  • Online:2022-08-28 Published:2022-09-13


The translation of Greek literature by Roman Latin translators is unique in the history of western translation. In the face of the long and prosperous Greek literature, the Latin translator inevitably inherited and absorbed its original story structure, narrative mode and literary character, which laid a solid foundation for the development of the whole Roman literature. At the same time, however, many Latin translators deviated from the original works almost at will, and reconstructed the thoughts and artistic style of Greek literature by means of changing literary details and adjusting the style of writing, which resulted in the creation of excellent texts comparable to the original works. This reconstruction forged their own literary taste and spiritual temperament, making important contributions to the enrichment and perfection of the Roman knowledge and cultural system. Overall, the Latin translation of Greek literature is an epic feat.

Key words: Greek literature, Latin translation, Transknowletology, Language conversion, knowledge reconstruction

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