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  • Journal of Diagnostics Concepts & Practice is a national medical journal sponsored and managed by Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. The journal was founded in 2002. Since 2004, the journal has been changed from quarterly to bimonthly (published on the 25th of even-numbered months), publicly issued at home and abroad. Since 2004, the journal was indexed by the Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers and Citation Database (CSTPC) of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Chinese Scientific and Technological Core Journal), and other leading scientific databases in China. It is also the official journal of the National Association of Higher Medical Education-Clinical Medical Education Committee-Diagnostic Branch. 

    Aim of the Journal: The journal aims to help readers to improve their diagnostic knowledge and skills, broaden their perspectives, improve their ability in comprehensive analysis; to provide basis for disease diagnosis, differentiation, observation and prognosis. The targeted readers are mainly physicians, technicians and pharmacists with intermediate professional titles, also those with senior and junior professional titles.

    Publishing Scope: The journal publishes papers based on diagnostic theories,combined with clinical practice. The publishing scope covers disease history, physical examination, the behaviors and diagnostics of diseases in clinical practice, radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, laboratory, endoscopy and pathological examination. The content covers pathogenesis, the selection of diagnostic methods, comprehensive results analysis combined with clinical behaviors, diagnosis and differentiations, with the purpose of guiding the treatment. The published content is comprehensive and systematic.

    Article Types: The journal welcomes original articles of the following types: Perspective, Expert Forum, Original Research Article, Case Report, Diagnosis of Typical Cases, Discussion of Complicated Cases, Medical Education, Experience Sharing, Technical Method, Workshop, Review, Meeting Summary, Newsletters and Medical News. Articles for Perspectives and Expert Forum are mainly from invited authors. 
    Database indexion

    Source journal of Chinese Science and Technology Papers Statistics 
    Core journal of Chinese science and Technology 
    Chinese core journal of science and technology
    The core journal of Chinese medicine and health 
    Professional journal of Diagnostics Branch of Clinical Medical Education Research Association of National Higher Medical Education Association

    Japan Science and Technology Promotion Corporation Database (JST)--Japan
    Ulrich‘s Periodicals Directory-USA
    Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ)---Sweden
    Index of Copernicus—Poland
    Chemical Abstracts Service(CAS)-USA
    Governed by: Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
    Sponsored by: Ruijin Hospital Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
    Editor-in-Chief: WANG Xuefeng
    ISSN: 1671-2870
    CN: 31-1876/R
    Post Issue Code:4-687
    Subscription Fee for Print Copy: RMB 18 per Issue; RMB 108 per year.

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