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  • The Journal of Ocean Engineering Equipment and Technology is a national academic journal specializing in ocean engineering, which is governed by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The journal is indexed by the  "China Academic Journals Online Publication Database", "China Core Journals (Selection) Database", China National Knowledge Internet and other leading scientific databases in China.


    Aim of the Journal: Focusing on the key areas of cutting-edge scientific issues in the marine field, key problems in equipment and technology, and the application of technology to production practice, the aim is to showcase the achievements and scientific developments in the research, design, experimentation, production, use and management of marine engineering equipment in China. The targeted readers primarily consist of professional technicians, students, and educators engaged in the fields of marine engineering, marine equipment manufacturing, and marine technology applications.


    Publishing Scope:  Insists on facing the frontiers of world science and technology, following the major national strategies such as strong marine power and strong transportation power, focusing on the development of marine engineering equipment disciplines and interdisciplinary cross-innovation, focusing on the "neck" problem of core technology of marine industry, the upgrading of marine science and technology products and the transformation of industrial structure, and serving the revitalization of the Chinese nation.


    Role in the industryThe journal serves the "big national heavy equipment" on the sea, focuses on the core and key issues in the development of the marine engineering equipment industry chain, and builds an exchange platform for the industry chain to achieve self-sustainable and controllable development of production, learning, research and education. In the context of green intelligence, it also contributes to the development of interdisciplinary cross-innovation in the field of offshore equipment in China.



    Article Types: Overviews and papers.


    Governed by: Ministry of Education.

    Sponsored by: Shanghai Jiao Tong University School

    Editor-in-Chief: CAI Yunze

    ISSN: 2095-7297

    CN: 31-2088/P

    Post Issue Code4-897

    Subscription Fee for Print Copy: RMB 75 per Issue; RMB 300 per year.


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