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    2019, 6 (2):  0-0. 
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    2019, 6 (2):  0-0. 
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     Design of a vector anti-rolling device and its control system
    XIAO Jing-jing, WANG Chi-ming, ZHANG Shuai, YAO Kai-han
    2019, 6 (2):  482-486.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.01
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     In order to satisfy the requirements of the flexibility, fast response, high efficiency and strong environmental adaptability of the existing anti-rolling system, inspired by the underwater vector propeller thruster, a binary vector propelle-based active anti-rolling device is proposed. After summarizing this anti-rolling device, the mechanism design method is introduced, and the propeller thrust is evaluated. On the basis of the construction of integrated navigation system-based attitude detection module, the attitude self-balancing control system scheme is proposed. The simulated anti-rolling experiment at zero speed is carried out on the ship model by means of the roll motion excited by reciprocating moving weight driven by a linear sliding table. And finally, the characteristics of the anti-rolling device are summarized.
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    Research on damage and risk of Collision of FPSO Boardside Risers
    HUANG Fu-xiang, LI Li-hui, YIN Bing-gang, LIU Guo-feng, Chen Jin-ming
    2019, 6 (2):  487-493.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet. 2095-7297.2019.02.02
    Abstract ( 198 )   PDF (5499KB) ( 51 )  
     Risk of the collision of FPSO boardside risers was researched by using the risk matrix method and typical collision accidents were studied about its risk level as well as solutions. Finite element models were established for the replenishment ship, FPSO boardside riser and fendering device by the nonlinear FEM software LS-DYNA. Structure damage deformation, energy absorption and transformation were abtained and then consequence level was divided. According to the historical data of relevant sea area, the frequency of ship collision was determined. The results indicated that cruising speed of the supply ship near the side riser should be controlled within 0.32m/s and the fendering device can be fairly effective to low down the risk level of ship collision.
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    Optimization of Limit Protection System for Crane on Offshore Platform
    Gao Jing, Chen Ze-wei
    2019, 6 (2):  494-498.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.03
    Abstract ( 207 )   PDF (1738KB) ( 68 )  
      Based on the analysis of the current situation of crane limit protection system in “Hai Yang Shi You 116”, three optimization methods of limit protection system are put forward in this paper. Firstly, boom limit protection logic optimization is realized by adding proximity switch protection. Secondly, the optimization of limit bypass mode of crane boom is realized by modifying the PLC control logic to cancel the variable amplitude coercive function. Thirdly, bypass management optimization is realized by changing the bypass management procedure of crane signal. After optimizing the limit protection system of crane, the safety and stability of crane operation have been improved.
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     Study On Vibration Analysis and Control for Small Bore Pipe of Reciprocating Compressor Skid
    ZHAO Bo, ZHANG Lei, FAN Wen-Bin, ZHANG Lei
    2019, 6 (2):  499-503.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.04
    Abstract ( 262 )   PDF (2449KB) ( 80 )  
     Vibration analyze the reason of small bore pipe of reciprocating compressor skid. The three-dimensional model of small bore pipe in the reciprocating compressor is established by Solidworks. The vibration mode finite element analysis of small bore pipe model is carried out by ANSYS Workbench software, and the vibration frequency and mode of small bore pipe under different reinforcement modes are compared and analyzed. The analysis results show that the stiffness of small bore pipe attachment has a great influence on the vibration performance. In order to avoid the resonance of small bore pipe, in addition to strengthening the main pipe support, the small bore pipe needs to be reinforced.
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     Overview of Subsea Capping Stacks
    WANG Yu, HAO Xi-ning, LI Chao-wei
    2019, 6 (2):  504-508.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.05
    Abstract ( 284 )   PDF (6015KB) ( 107 )  
     The subsea capping stacks is an emergency device used to temporarily contain subsea blowout well, reestablish blowout prevention system. This paper outlines subsea capping stacks' functional types of cap, cap and flow, and separated control method independent from the control of subsea bop stacks; introduces its deployment mode via drill pipe from a rig or wire from a vessel, three kinds subsea incident response toolkit and the order preference for attachment points; and summarizes the global resources and main technical parameters of subsea capping stacks.
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     Research and application of Small Size tubing cementing technology in Monobore
    CAO Lei
    2019, 6 (2):  509-512.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.06
    Abstract ( 191 )   PDF (2579KB) ( 45 )  
     Monobore well drilling and completion technology is important for both marginal oil and gas fields and small offshore oil and gas fields. Cementing is one of the key procedures. For the difference between Monobore well cementing and traditional well cementing, this paper focus on small-size tubing. (liner) cementing technology ,to solve the problem that the 88.9mm oil tube centering problem,poor replacement efficiency, the difficulty of scraping for small-sized tube, and tube cleaning problem. The technology has been successfully applied on an oil and gas field in the East China Sea and achieved good results.
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     Design and Application of Simple Blowout Simulator
    Sun Chang-li, Yuan Ze-ming, Zhang Shuai, He Peng-fei, Miao Dian-yuan, Chen Pei-hua
    2019, 6 (2):  513-516.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.07
    Abstract ( 243 )   PDF (2489KB) ( 96 )  
     At present, most of the simulated wells can only serve as observation effects and can not meet the requirements of third-level well control exercises. In this paper, considering the common well injection time is short, it is impossible to achieve continuous well injection, the mixing of gas and drilling fluid is uneven, and the blowout effect is not ideal, a special well head device  for simulated well is designed, and water injection is used to simulate the well blowout scene. The application results show that the simulated well can achieve continuous well blowout and has good effect.
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     Recent Developments of Submarine Mechanical Trenchers in Abroad
    LIU Chun-guang, ZHGANG Shu-sen, ZHOU Dong-rong, ZHAO Min, WANG Xu-yang, GE Tong
    2019, 6 (2):  517-523.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.08
    Abstract ( 287 )   PDF (10952KB) ( 50 )  
     The developments of subsea mechanical trenchers are summarized. Most of the mechanical trenchers are made by SMD and IHC. There are 3 kinds of mechanical trenchers including pipe trencher, cable trencher and multi-functional trencher. They used chain and cutters to trench, and equipped with track chassis. Most of the trenchers are equipped with jetting module and suction module, which make them high efficiency. The mechanical trenchers are now multi-functional suitable to all geotechnical conditions, and modular designed.
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    Engineering and Analysis for Hydraulic Isolation System of Catenaruy Anecor Leg Mooring Device 
    WANG Yu-chen, ZHANG-Lei, LIU Li-xin, WANG Dao-ming, YANG Cheng-peng
    2019, 6 (2):  524-529.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.09
    Abstract ( 212 )   PDF (26172KB) ( 39 )  
     According to the current independent research and development and the research needs of localization of catenary anchor leg mooring device, combined with existing engineering practice experience of development projects, the overall technical scheme, the critical points of engineering and factory acceptance test requirements of the hydraulic isolation system are summarized and explained. On this basis, based on the engineering system simulation software SimulationX, the simulation analysis model of the hydraulic isolation system is built, and the dynamic characteristics analysis and computer simulation verification are carried out on the specification and design accuracy of key equipment, such as accumulator rack and umbilical size, as well as the function matching of the whole system. The research results can provide useful reference for the subsequent independent research and development and engineering application of relevant ocean engineering equipment.
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     Discussion on Dimension Control Measurement Technology of  Large Equipment Installation for LNG Core Process Module
    ZHANG Ming-hao, TIAN Cong-yong, LI Jia-jun, YANG Qing-feng, LIU Rong-kun, YANG Jian-chang
    2019, 6 (2):  530-535.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.10
    Abstract ( 200 )   PDF (11101KB) ( 33 )  
     In the construction of LNG module plant, the highest technical level is the construction of the core process module, The construction process requires precise positioning control measurements for a large number of mechanical equipment. This paper takes the first core process module project in China as an example, from the deck beam prefabricated stage to the equipment base erection stage, and then to the equipment installation stage, discussing the dimension surveying method about the large equipment on core process module. Based on the principle of the resection in the measurement technique, the technical method for the installation of the mechanical equipment is given.
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     Research on Inter-propeller Interference of Dynamic Positioning Vessel
    HUANG Fu-xiang, WU Chang-nan, LI Xiang, LI Xin-fei, LI Li-hui, YIN Bing-gang
    2019, 6 (2):  536-543.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.11
    Abstract ( 339 )   PDF (2072KB) ( 31 )  
     Aiming at the characteristics of dynamic positioning vessel with a large number of propellers, the research on the interference between propellers of dynamic positioning vessel is carried out. Based on the RANS equation and RNG k-εturbulence model, a numerical method for rotating flow is presented by using a sliding mesh. Firstly, the open water characteristic of propeller is calculated, and then the thrust reduction under different spacing, azimuth and advance speed is studied successively by using the method of control variables. The validity of the calculation is verified by comparing with the experimental results of predecessors. Relevant computational research provides a basis for thrust allocation algorithm and has good engineering application value.
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     Study on Temperature Effects and Thermal  Correction on Dimension of Steel Modules
    LIU Rong-kun, LI Jia-jun, LENG Ya-lin, WANG Xin, WANG Tian-yi, CAO Hong-tao, WU Ding, WANG Xiao-xuan
    2019, 6 (2):  544-547.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2019.02.12
    Abstract ( 265 )   PDF (46621KB) ( 28 )  
     Most of the steel structures are constructed in separated modules which will be loaded out and assembled together on the field. The dimension of the modules will directly affect whether they can be fitted up successfully. So it is important to take strictly dimension control to meet the specification which is usually in mm. The characteristic of Thermal Expansion and Contraction of steel will have significant effect on module dimension during the long construction period as well as the large temperature span. Based on the modules with different size, the dimension under different temperature was measured and recorded. The variation of dimension and the temperature was analyzed. Meanwhile, a thermal correction model was taken into account. The study shows that temperature has remarkable influence on module dimension, and the mathematical model can be used for the thermal correction.
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