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     Preliminary Study on Development and Application of FPSO
    DU Qing-gui, SHEN Xiao-chan, TAN Guo-rong, LIU Cong, FU Dong-ming
    2017, 4 (2):  63-68. 
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     Floating production storage and offloading system (FPSO) has been widely used in different oil and gas field offshore owing to its excellent economics and good adaptability. There are 13 FPSOs in service in China. In this paper, the development history and engineering application of FPSO is firstly summarized. Then the composition of FPSO with different shape is described. Furthermore, the development modes and engineering schemes frequently used are fully listed. Lastly the development trend of FPSO is analyzed. This research may provide good references for the design and application of FPSO in China.
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     Application of Sidetracking Technology to Same Layer of Inefficient Wells in Offshore Oil and Gas Exploitation
    HE Peng-fei, YUAN Ze-ming
    2017, 4 (2):  69-73. 
    Abstract ( 119 )   PDF (6545KB) ( 48 )  
     With the development of oil field scale and the passage of production time, the Bohai Oilfield appears a batch of low production wells and long-term shutdown wells. These similar problems increasing each year make the oil field production decline, the investment increase, and the sustainable development of oil field be seriously restricted. How to introduce a low cost method to recover the capacity of problem wells which have potential to enhance production is an important research subject to remit the oil field output stress and promote the oil field sustainable development. Sidetracking in the same layer technology is suitable for horizontal well whose output is declining due to the reservoir geology and engineering factors. After fishing out a few part of sand control string, combined with the optimal selection of sidetracking points, directional well trajectory optimization, and application of new chemical plugging technology instead of conventional cement backfilling technology, sidetrack drilling can be used in open hole section. The successful application of sidetracking in the same layer technology in SZ 36-1 oil field M platform makes two wells' yield increased by 155.23% and 399.70% respectively.
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     Selection of Vacuum Pump Unit for Crude Vacuum Flash Evaporation Equipment
     LIU Xiang-dong, GUO Xin, ZHANG Qian, ZHOU Wei, LIU Ren-wei, HU Dong
    2017, 4 (2):  74-78. 
    Abstract ( 265 )   PDF (3336KB) ( 47 )  
     By comparing the process simulation data and experimental data of crude flash point, it is found that using PRO/II V9.4 software API 2B7.1 (2007) to simulate flash point of crude has  the minimum simulation deviation. Based on the simulation results, the selection of vacuum pump unit of crude vacuum flash evaporation equipment is carried out for an oil field in the South China Sea. By analyzing the operating parameters of vacuum pump, the combination of an NC-0630B dry screw vacuum pump, two ZJY-1200A Roots pumps and two ZJY-2500A Roots pumps is selected, which can meet the requirements of process.
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     Permanent Well Abandonment Technology for Multi-Layer Casing Killing Wells in Bohai Oilfield
    HAN Yao-tu, HE Peng-fei, LI Jun-bao, LIN Jia-yu, GONG Ning
    2017, 4 (2):  79-85. 
    Abstract ( 188 )   PDF (7171KB) ( 18 )  
     With the continuous development of offshore oil fields, more and more old oil and gas fields are facing well abandonment. The well abandonment of offshore oil and gas fields may influence the marine ecological environment greatly. Besides, the technical equipment and process requirements of well abandonment are rigorous, involving huge costs, thus it has become the focus of attention. We introduce the permanent well abandonment of the production wells in Platform S in Bohai Oilfield. The platform equipment is old, all wells are with the same pressure in tubing and casing, and multi-layer casing with pressure exists. By analyzing the pressure source of the multi-layer casing, it is judged that the wellbore plugging of the old well fails after sidetracking, gas flows along the annulus of the production casing and the technology casing, and the wellhead aging causes the seal failure between the multi-layer casings. Based on the analysis, killing well program is made. In the production casing for hydraulic cutting, cement plug is used above and below the cut to plug the gas channeling, and cement seal is used fo the injection cement bridge plug to complete the effective isolation of gas channeling. Through the cutting process optimization, the overall cutting of 339.7 mm, 508 mm and 762 mm three-layer casing is completed by one operation. The successful completion is the first large-scale one in the production platform for the old wells abandonment operations in Bohai Oilfield. A set of techniques to solve the permanent well abandonment of oil and gas fields and the implementation of process management measures in complex well conditions are achieved, which can provide reference for the future well abandonment of offshore oil and gas fields.
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     Prospect of Offshore Electrostatic Coalescence Crude Oil Dehydration Technology
    ZHANG Ming, SHANG Chao, WANG Hai-yan, ZHENG Xiao-peng, WANG Chun-sheng
    2017, 4 (2):  86-90. 
    Abstract ( 233 )   PDF (4252KB) ( 96 )  
     Due to the tight space on the offshore platform, the traditional gravity oil and water separation method has a long residence time and a large size of the equipment, which affects the development cost of offshore oil field. It is essential to study compact and high efficiency crude oil processing equipment to reduce platform space and block weight. The electric coalescence crude oil dehydration is a kind of high efficiency technology developed in recent years. The theory and technology background of electric coalescence technology are introduced. The current technology development situation is analyzed. Finally the application prospect of the technology is given.
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     Research on Technology of Long Distance Power Transmission and Distribution for Subsea Production System
    CHEN Bin, YANG Hong-qing, SU Feng, FAN Yu-yang, ZHANG Ru-bin
    2017, 4 (2):  91-95. 
    Abstract ( 203 )   PDF (4825KB) ( 45 )  
     With the development mode of deepwater oil and gas field heading towards intensification, subsea production system has more and more applications, and the power supply system develops from the original short distance one to long distance one. Based on the analysis on the subsea production system load, it is believed that long distance power supply for the underwater production mechanical dynamic loads is the main problem of underwater power supply. Taking the oilfield development in the South China Sea as the background, comprehensive exposition and analysis are given for the key technologies in long distance power transmission and distribution of the underwater production system, including key equipment selection, power computing technology, etc. In the case study, the mechanical power load power supply and the control load power supply are calculated, and related analysis is carried out.
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     Sensitivity Analysis of Environment Parameters for Soft Yoke Mooring System
    BAI Xue-ping, WANG Zhong-chang, LI Da, YI Cong, TANG You-gang
    2017, 4 (2):  96-101. 
    Abstract ( 303 )   PDF (5200KB) ( 42 )  
     Based on the soft yoke mooring system (SYMS) of “HYSY113” operating in the Bohai Bay, the sensitivity analysis of environment conditions for SYMS is analyzed. The main environment parameters are wind speed, current speed, wave height, significant wave spectra period and wave spectra factor. With the dynamic response results of the soft yoke system, the main environment parameters are proposed for the design of SYMS.
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     Design Method Summary of CALM Single Point Mooring
    ZHOU Nan, LIU Xu-ping, LI Jun-ji
    2017, 4 (2):  102-104. 
    Abstract ( 266 )   PDF (2784KB) ( 60 )  
     The important factors to be considered in the design of catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) single point mooring system are presented, including vessel type and freight volume calculation, principle of site location, analysis condition, design criteria, fishtail motion solutions etc. The key points of the whole design phase are summarized to ensure the safety of single point mooring design.
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     Study on Construction Technology of Deck Covering for POD-5
    ZHU Min-ying, WANG Wen-jie
    2017, 4 (2):  105-108. 
    Abstract ( 245 )   PDF (2379KB) ( 88 )  
     Deck covering has been widely used in conventional ships in China. During construction, deck covering should be used according to the relevant proportion, and then built on the deck and smoothed with mud clamp. Taking POD-5 jack-up drilling platform as an example, we discuss the construction method of deck covering on offshore platform.
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     Application of Standardized Design in the Design of Offshore Fixed Platform Living Quarter
    LI Jie
    2017, 4 (2):  109-113. 
    Abstract ( 157 )   PDF (4181KB) ( 35 )  
     The standard design of living quarter is a design method which is concluded after a long investigation, summary, demonstration and induction. It has achieved good results in the application of the projects in recent years, and contributed to cost-saving and efficiency-improving for offshore oilfield development. But some inevitable problems encountered in the application in the actual project. Summary and reflection are made on the applicability and particularity of the standardized design, and some suggestions are put forward for the standardization design of the living quarter.
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     Dynamics Analysis of Subsea Control Module Locking Mechanism
    WANG Wei, CHU Le-ping, CHEN Zai-yu, ZHANG Xian-zhen
    2017, 4 (2):  114-117. 
    Abstract ( 109 )   PDF (2645KB) ( 60 )  
     The locking mechanism is the key part of subsea control module (SCM). It is of great practical significance to calculate the maximum thrust provided by remote operated vehicle (ROV) in operation process. The locking mechanism structure is analyzed, and the dynamic analysis method of SCM locking mechanism is researched. By analyzing the simulation results, the maximum thrust provided by ROV needed for operation process is obtained. The feasibility of locking mechanism structure design is verified by analysis results, and the necessary basis for ROV selection can be provided.
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     Relevance Research on the Environmental Condition Monitoring Data of HYSY112
    LI Mu, TIAN Guan-nan, LI Zhuo
    2017, 4 (2):  118-124. 
    Abstract ( 169 )   PDF (4206KB) ( 49 )  
     Ocean environmental conditions are the main factors that affect the motion of ship body. In order to properly predict the ship motion according to actual environmental conditions, the operators should get the knowledge about the fundamental rules of ocean environmental conditions affecting the ship motion. Using the real monitoring data of HYSY112 floating production, storage and offloading system (FPSO) operating in CFD oil field of Bohai, applying the maximum entropy principle and statistical analysis technique as data processing tools, the relevance results including the joint distribution and combination rules of wind, wave and current are obtained. This research can offer theoretical support for the FPSO production decision.
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