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     Research on Application of Deepwater Drilling Tertiary Well Control Technology: Taking Deepwater Horizon Blowout Accident as an Example
     LI Meng-bo, XU Liang-bin, GENG Ya-nan, LI Xun-ke, LI Gen-sheng, LUO Hong-bin
    2017, 4 (3):  125-130. 
    Abstract ( 219 )   PDF (7841KB) ( 24 )  
     Deepwater drilling blowout is considered to be the most serious threat in the process of deepwater oil and gas exploration and development. Choosing an appropriate tertiary well control method plays an important role when deepwater drilling blowout happens. For the Deepwater Horizon accident, a variety of tertiary well control technologies have been adopted to control the blowout, while five of them failed. In this paper, we conduct a research based on the top kill method and bullheading method used in the Deepwater Horizon accident. The reason of failure of top kill method is given, and the operation parameters and the advantages and disadvantages of different pressure well kill pattern are analyzed. Furthermore, we put forward the factors that should be considered in the process of plan optimization, which will provide theoretical guidance for subsequent design and successful operation of tertiary well control technology.
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     Key Technology and Quality Control of the Corrosion Defect of the Riser in Offshore Oilfield
     WANG Wei, LU Yu, ZHANG Zong-chao, GUO Qing, XIAN Shen-ping, ZHANG Qing-xiao
    2017, 4 (3):  131-135. 
    Abstract ( 154 )   PDF (6080KB) ( 55 )  
     In order to study the corrosion defect repair technology and its construction process quality control, based on the analysis of the corrosion environment and protective layer, the corrosion defects of the riser in Bohai are analyzed. From the aspects of riser base surface treatment, corrosion and anticorrosive ointment filling, viscoelastic tape winding, the winding of PVC protective belt, and the winding of water curing epoxy glass steel belt, we introduce the sea pipe repair key technology and construction technology of riser. At the same time, after detailedly introducing the riser repair construction quality control, the riser repair reinforcement scheme, surface treatment, construction technology, detection technology, site restoration and other aspects are described for the overall quality control.
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     Application of the Lubrication Well Killing Method in Bohai A19 Well
    BIAN Jie, HE Peng-fei, YUAN Ze-ming, HOU Guan-zhong, LIU Guo-zhen, WAN Xiang
    2017, 4 (3):  136-140. 
    Abstract ( 177 )   PDF (653KB) ( 52 )  
     BZ29-4-A19 well is a production well. After the tubing conveyed perforation (TCP) balance job, blowout happened in the process of raising pipe string. Spray expanded rapidly, so that it is impossible to pick up top drive and implement conventional well control operation. The operators chose to close the shear ram blowout preventer and realized well shutin, and then successfully implemented the lubrication well killing method to make the well out of danger. We introduce the basic situation of the well, the process of blowout and the process of lubrication well killing method.
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     New Frame and Its Application to Dismounting Crane on Offshore Oil Platform
    LIU Bao-yi, CHANG Bin, SONG Qing-zhang, WANG Yang-jian, ZHANG Lian-jie
    2017, 4 (3):  141-144. 
    Abstract ( 221 )   PDF (3786KB) ( 65 )  
     Crane is one of the important equipment of offshore oil platforms, which, under some special conditions, affects the installation of other platform equipment on the sea. Crane is required to be dismantled on the ground after the installation and commissioning, and reinstalled on the sea after the module installation. Aiming at this problem, we design a new type of frame for the onland dismounting and storage and offshore reinstallation of platform crane. The special structure of the new frame simultaneously solves the problems of large mounting height during the overall dismounting and deviation of center of gravity. This research provides a new feasible way for the disassembly of offshore oil platform cranes.
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     Application Design of Mineral Insulated Electric Heat Tracing in Offshore Oil Engineering
     LI Zhen, ZHANG Hao, ZHU Hai-feng, XUE Song, LIU Xi
    2017, 4 (3):  145-149. 
    Abstract ( 138 )   PDF (1047KB) ( 81 )  
     Nowadays, normal electric heating tracing in offshore oil engineering cannot provide high power and adapt to extreme hostile working conditions. Mineral insulated (MI) electric heat tracing shows its good performance confronting -40℃ extremely low temperature and high corrosive working condition in Nexen Oil Project. It provides a new idea for electrical heating tracing in offshore oil engineering which requires providing high power and resisting extreme hostile working condition. We study the feasibility of application of MI electric heat tracing in offshore oil engineering and introduce the typical characteristics including main products, working principle, application areas, selection of design, and installation and application.
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     Wave Resonance between Two Ships with Non-Identical Draft
    JIANG Sheng-chao-, ZONG Zhi, ZOU Li
    2017, 4 (3):  150-156. 
    Abstract ( 108 )   PDF (2641KB) ( 63 )  
     Wave resonance in the narrow gap between two side-by-side non-identical ships is investigated by employing a two-dimensional numerical wave flume based on OpenFOAM package. The focus of this study is to examine the influence of free surface nonlinearity and fluid viscosity on the hydrodynamic behavior of wave response at around resonant conditions. Numerical simulations show that the unrealistic resonant amplitudes in the narrow gap by linear potential model are not only from the energy dissipation due to vortical motion, but also from the nonlinearity due to free surface. With the increase of incident wave steepness, more relative energy is reflected, leading to the decrease of relative resonant amplitude and relative energy dissipation in the narrow gap at resonant frequency. When the incident wave frequency is outside a little band to resonant frequency, relative energy dissipation becomes the dominant factor for the decrease of relative wave amplitude in the narrow gap with the increase of incident wave amplitudes. In a word, both the free surface nonlinearity and fluid viscosity play the important, but different, roles on wave resonances in the narrow gap.
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     Study on Mobile Offshore Nuclear Power Plant for Bohai Bay
     TAN Yue, LIU Cong, WANG Chun-sheng, WANG Guo-dong, LI Shi-ming, MA Qiang
    2017, 4 (3):  157-161. 
    Abstract ( 96 )   PDF (1018KB) ( 105 )  
     Considering the construction, installation, commissioning, operation, refueling and emergency of nuclear power plant, a mobile platform is proposed. The same as a fixed platform, without the movement due to wave motion, the operators have a mild working and living condition. The nuclear island is located below the sea surface, so the safety is improved. By an artificial ground, the construction vessel is not necessary for installation and decommissioning. The platform provides a power-supply source for large oil field or oil field group.
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     Modification Design of HYSY201 Stinger Roller Boxes Structure
    MENG Xiang-wei, YU Wei, DENG Xin-wang, ZHANG Jian-cheng, LIU Jiang-tao
    2017, 4 (3):  162-167. 
    Abstract ( 125 )   PDF (1089KB) ( 70 )  
     HYSY201 has the ability to lay deepwater pipelines. Based on the characteristics of deepwater pipeline and pipeline in-line structure installation, we introduce the HYSY201 stinger roller boxes optimization design method and ideas. The stinger tail roller box is designed in a V shape instead of the traditional U shape. The pipeline in-line structure's slings and shackles can pass through the roller boxes effortlessly because of the modified roller boxes on the stinger. These designs can effectively reduce the risk of deepwater pipeline and pipeline in-line structure damage, also they have very good application during HYSY201 installation of deepwater pipeline and deepwater pipeline in-line structure.
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     Application of New Field Joint Coating Process to Subsea Pipeline Laying
    LIU You-li, XIONG Rui, YUAN Ju-yang, HONG Sen
    2017, 4 (3):  168-172. 
    Abstract ( 267 )   PDF (4131KB) ( 62 )  
     The traditional field joint coating (FJC) is applied by manual process, which shows low efficiency and affects the long-term reliability due to the unstable quality for heat shrinkable sleeve (HSS). Since the manual FJC was unsatisfying, more advanced equipment emerged. The practice from project shows that the FJC installation machinery could accomplish the automation of blast cleaning, preheating, shrinking and post heating, which guarantees the quality of the HSS and reduces the cost of offshore installation.
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     Safety Technology and Safety Management for Pipeline Pneumatic Test
    ZHANG Hong-bin
    2017, 4 (3):  173-177. 
    Abstract ( 144 )   PDF (643KB) ( 64 )  
     Due to the special internal medium impact and construction phase condition, pneumatic pressure test must be carried out for pressure pipelines. Pipeline pneumatic pressure test has the advantages of low cost and short time consuming, but the risk is high. To ensure the smooth progress of the pneumatic test, we need to strengthen the control of safety technologies and safety management. For the safety technology aspect, in addition to the general requirements of the technical aspects, more attention should be paid to the safety valve design, so as to ensure the timely gas discharge in the overpressure case. Generally, fully open safety valves are used, with the pressure limit set to no higher than 1.1 times the test pressure of the pipeline. The gas energy in the tested pipeline is calculated and then converted into TNT equivalent. According to the air explosion shock wave equation given in related regulations, combined with the body injury research results, we can get the safe distance for a pipeline with certain pressure and capacity. For the safety management, organization management, emergency management, flange management, process control and other aspects of pipeline pneumatic test are discussed.
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     Design and Construction of Interior Floor on Marine Platform
    GUO Jing, CUI Cheng-yang, LIU Bao-yi, ZHANG Lian-jie, GAO Shan
    2017, 4 (3):  178-181. 
    Abstract ( 86 )   PDF (1180KB) ( 86 )  
     The interior floor on marine platform needs to meet some technical requirements, such as mechanical strength, abrasion performance, fire prevention, anticorrosion, electrostatic prevention, anti-chemical corrosion, etc. Furthermore, we need to consider about comfort and aesthetics. In domestic marine platforms, the frequently used construction methods include electrostatic prevention floating floor, cement and non-slip ceramic tiles, deck covering and rubber floor, and anticorrosion layer. In this paper, we mainly introduce two of these methods: spraying anticorrosion coatings and installing deck covering.
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     Reason Analysis and Control Measures for S690 High Strength Steel Cold Cracks
    ZHANG Huan-huan
    2017, 4 (3):  182-186. 
    Abstract ( 163 )   PDF (3926KB) ( 63 )  
     By analyzing the S690 high strength steel's chemical composition, carbon equivalent, temperature control, hydrogen content and stress condition, the reason of cold cracks appearance is found, and then the weld repair control measures such as clearing dirties, ensuring preheating temperature, and carrying out post heat treatment immediately for eliminating hydrogen and releasing stress are proposed. In this way, all the defective welds are repaired successfully and the inspection result is acceptable. The results show that the strict quality control precautions are the key factors to get a successful repair work for S690 high strength steel cold cracks. 
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