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    2018, 5 (5):  0-000. 
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    2018, 5 (5):  1-2. 
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    Preliminary Study on Application Status and Development  Trend of Deepwater Production Facilities
    DU Qing-gui, TAN Guo-rong, LIU Cong, GENG Zhan-li, ZHU Hai-shan
    2018, 5 (5):  293-300.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.01
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    Deepwater production facilities are principal options to the development of deepwater offshore oil & gas fields. There are approximately 400 facilities in service all over the world, including semi-submersible floating production system (SEMI-FPS),tension leg platform (TLP),Spar platform, floating production, storage and offloading unit (FPSO),and so on. The application status and development trend of the facilities are firstly summarized. Then the application prospect in the domestic market is analyzed. Furthermore, the development schemes and engineering proposals frequently used are fully listed. Finally, the development trend of FPSO is analyzed. This research may provide good references to the development of deepwater offshore oil & gas fields in China.
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    Construction Conditions and Site Selection of Catenary   Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) for Offshore Oil Terminal
    Lü Yan, JU Xuan-ze, LI Xiu-feng, LI Gang, DONG Bao-hui, ZHONG Chao-ting
    2018, 5 (5):  300-304.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.02
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    In view of a study on construction conditions and site selection of catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) for offshore oil terminal, requirements of environment data and engineering survey for CALM system construction are listed, analysis methods for freight volume and oil tanker tonnage are presented as well. Furthermore, basic principles of site selection and calculation method for the scale and water depth of operation for CALM are described. These experiences can provide reference for similar engineering construction in the near future.
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    Application of Asymmetric Underwater Drilling Baseplate in Exploration and Development of Marginal Oilfield in Bohai
    SU Jian , LIU Bao-sheng , YANG Bao-jian, MA Li, CAO Yan-guo
    2018, 5 (5):  305-308.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.03
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    There are lots of marginal oilfields with small reserves, complex geological conditions and short economic exploitation periods in Bohai. It is difficult to develop effectively under conventional development mode and technology. The key to the development of marginal oilfields is economy. In order to avoid the risk in the overall development of oilfield, we need reduce investment, increase the rate of return and use the “bee” mining mode. In order to satisfy the needs of the overall development of the oilfield, an asymmetric threehole underwater baseplate is designed and made. Combined with the mud line hanger, temporary abandonment of the well after the extension of the test well test is achieved, and the production will be put back in the whole development stage of the oilfield. It provides a new mode of reducing cost and increasing efficiency for Bohai ' s subsequent marginal oilfield development, which will bring huge economic and social benefits, revitalizing a large number of marginal oilfields yet to be developed.

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    Research on Assembly Process of Reciprocating Natural Gas Compressor
    FANG Chun-wei, GAO Zhi-lin, WANG Yang-jian, LIU Jia, ZHOU Huan-yu, ZHANG Chen-xi
    2018, 5 (5):  309-313.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.04
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    With the rapid development of offshore oil and gas fields, especially the development of gas fields, the demand for natural gas compressors is increasing. The advantages and disadvantages of the assembly design and manufacturing plays a vital role in the normal operation of natural gas compressors. At present, domestic manufacturers generally cooperate with foreign manufacturers to design and construct the sled of compressor, but compressor main engine and motor mainly depend on imports. Based on the current situation of domestic and foreign mainstream compressor manufacturers and JZ25-1S Ⅱ natural gas compressor project, the key and difficult points of the base prefabrication and key assembly process are described in detail.In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of the whole and the split assembly processes for the compressor with twolayer operating platform are discussed.
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    Perforation Technology for the Short-to-Medium  Radius Horizontal Casing Well in Bohai
    WAN Xiang, HE Peng-fei, ZHANG Bin-qi, LIU Feng, ZHANG Bo
    2018, 5 (5):  314-319.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.05
    Abstract ( 250 )   PDF (2913KB) ( 115 )  
    With the development of Bohai Oilfield, there are a lot of low production wells, while the number of slots is insufficient. In order to make good use of these wells and slots, a large number of side tracking wells have been developed. In this respect, medium and short radius side tracking is the main research direction in recent years. This technology is widely used in land oilfields, but has not been used in offshore oilfield before. We analyse the basic situation of the 17H2 well and describe the difficulty of scraping and perforation. Through the design optimization and the passing performance simulation and test of the pipe column, the first application of perforation technology to shorttomedium radius horizontal casing well in Bohai is achieved. It provides a strong technical support for the further development of Bohai Oilfield.
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    Technical Analysis of Deep-Sea Drilling Operation Modes for Ocean Drilling Ship
    LI Fu-jian, WANG Zhi-wei, LI Yang, CHEN Guo-ming, LIU Xiu-quan, TIAN Xue
    2018, 5 (5):  320-326.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.06
    Abstract ( 200 )   PDF (2970KB) ( 88 )  
    With the increasing scarcity of land resources, development and utilization of marine resources has become the focus of attention. In order to speed up the deep-sea exploration and development, China plans to build its first ocean scientific drilling ship. For ocean scientific drilling, we carry out the technical analysis of deep-sea drilling operation modes, summarize the domestic and foreign deep-sea drilling operation modes, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, compare the key equipment configurations and technological processes, and make comprehensive technical analysis from the aspects of economy, safety and process complexity. Based on the development trend of deep-sea drilling operation mode at home and abroad, the development proposals for deep-sea drilling operation mode in China and the future development direction of drilling operation mode are given, which will provide some theoretical support for our ocean scientific drilling.
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    Force Analysis and Strength Evaluation for Tension Leg of Tlp in Installation and in-Place States
    WANG Shi-sheng, XIE Bin
    2018, 5 (5):  327-332.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.07
    Abstract ( 314 )   PDF (3724KB) ( 67 )  
    The tendon system is used to moor TLP, and it is an important part of TLP. The analysis of the tension leg in installation and in-place conditions must be done to guarantee the safety of the platform. During the installation tendons mainly undergo current and wave loads, and in the in-place state, the tendons are also affected by the platform offset. In order to accurately calculate the internal forces of a tension leg it is necessary to build the model of tendon in installation and in-place states and apply the fully time-domain analysis method. According to the complex structure of tension leg, kinds of loads applied on tendon including wind, current, wave load, hydrostatic pressure and weight, etc. and internal forces of the tension leg are obtained by numerical analysis. The maximum internal force of the tension leg under different conditions is given. According to the calculation results, the global strength of tension leg is evaluated by the design standard.
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    LNG-Ready Design Research on Large Ocean Products Oil Tanker
    ZHANG Yi-ming, BA Yong-jiang, YANG Zhong-sheng, PIAN Cheng-rong, Lü Yan, YU Shi-xu
    2018, 5 (5):  333-338.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.08
    Abstract ( 232 )   PDF (5002KB) ( 79 )  
    LNG has the high calorific value and low emission characteristics as ship fuel, so it is one of the most feasible method to solve the emission problem. With the limit emission rules carryed out, more and more owners tend to add the LNG-ready design in the new shipbuilding stage, therefore the ship will be flexible to be retrofitted to dual-fuel power directly. This paper shows the basic design flow and key technical routes about LNG-ready design on large ocean products oil tanker, based on the real ship LNG-ready design project delivered by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd., which will be a reference for domestic and foreign ship design industry.
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    Method of Dimensional Control for Vertically Constructed Jacket
    JING Peng, ZHAO Guo-hua, YANG Qing-feng, LI Chun-lei, LIU Rong-kun
    2018, 5 (5):  339-345.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.09
    Abstract ( 278 )   PDF (4722KB) ( 37 )  
    Dimensional control is one of the important parts in process of jacket construction on land. There are different dimensional control methods depending on the construction technology. The jackets located in shallow waters usually are constructed by vertical process. As a summary of dimensional control experience of vertically constructed jackets in recent years, this paper introduces the dimensional control methods used at the stages of tubular splicing, frame prefabricating and field assembling. The dimensional control key points, common mistakes and solutions at each stage of jacket construction are also illustrated. Moreover, a new dimensional control method of jacket construction at field assembling stage is proposed.
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    Practice of Pipe Grouting Technology for  Free Span of Riser Gooseneck
    YE Hai-bin
    2018, 5 (5):  346-351.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.10
    Abstract ( 290 )   PDF (3798KB) ( 42 )  
    Pipe grouting technology is an effective method for the free span of submarine pipes, which has the advantages of good treatment effect, simple operation and  low cost.This paper takes the riser gooseneck free span control project of a platform as an example, and makes detailed introduction of cement bag grouting support technology for submarine pipe free span control. It mainly includes the introduction to cement grouting equipment, technical construction plans, and technical difficulties, providing reference for follow-up readers engaged in related construction operations.
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    Study on Manufacturing Process of Lashing Bridge  on  21 000 TEU Ultra Large Container Ship
    JIANG Xiao, MA Tao, YUAN Bo, ZHOU Rui-jia
    2018, 5 (5):  351-358.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.11
    Abstract ( 328 )   PDF (1957KB) ( 74 )  
    Lashing bridge is a special structure of a container ship, and its construction quality directly determines whether the packing test can be carried out smoothly. Based on the 21 000 TEU ultra large container ship project under construction by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., We carry out systematic investigation on the key processes 〖JP2〗of the construction of the lashing bridge structure, including and the requirements for the drawing of the ground lines, the design and layout of the bed-lines, and precision control during the overall group construction. This research provides technical support for the high-quality construction and installation of 21 000 TEU lashing bridges.
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    Development of ship equipment database software system
    SONG Jie, MA Ning, LI Yu-hao, GE Jia-yao
    2018, 5 (5):  359-366.  DOI: 10.12087/oeet.2095-7297.2018.05.12
    Abstract ( 241 )   PDF (2562KB) ( 51 )  
    In recent years, with the continuous development of ship design software, the design and production mode has gradually developed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and the importance of equipment information and its model in the process of ship design and production is increasing. Therefore, a stable and efficient equipment database is needed. Managing and analyzing the equipment information and model data of past and in-construction projects, and forming the database system of ship equipment can provide equipment information and model data for the three-dimensional detailed design and production design platform of all kinds of ships. It is convenient to carry out the ship design and production tasks at various stages. At the same time, the database can also analyze the equipment data, which is beneficial to the comparison and selection of the equipment in the design process.
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